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Unleash the benefits of the most influential Ecommerce Platform

Integrate the power of the most powerful, flexibility of most flexible and efficiency of the most efficient ecommerce platform into your business. Magento® Commerce (Formerly Enterprise Edition) is equipped with cutting-edge functionality, ecommerce-friendly features and robust third-party integrations that allow retailers, brands, and businesses to customize and innovate their ecommerce stores while managing to lure tons of traffic and high return on investment.

Why Magento® Commerce (Formerly Enterprise Edition)?

Magento is gaining ever increasing share of commerce. Today we drive over 50 Billion dollars in Commerce Value per year enable merchants to grow on an average 3 times faster than our other competitors. It is the No. 1 platform to build B2B and B2C category.

Magento platform leadership extends across geographies and merchant signals with the No. 1 platform for the In and out retailer Top 1000 for the 4th straight year. Growing faster than other platforms, 2 times as many close customers and closest competitors.

Global Digital Commerce Platform

Thousands of merchants around the world trust Magento commerce. Magento has 25% global market share in more than 140 countries around the world.

Manage Everything with Ease

Take stress out of your ecommerce operations by utilizing advanced tools to manage and merchandise your site. Not only can you manage complex processes seamlessly but you can also focus your effort and time saved on creating content and promotions that sell. What's more, you can benefit from detailed reporting and utilize precise insights to monitor your business's performance and make required improvements.

Magento Sales Dashboard

Exploit every Possible Sale Opportunity

Magento® Commerce (Formerly Enterprise Edition) makes your biggest sales days less hectic and more effortless. The platform allows you to handle peak sales while delivering performance and experiences shoppers expect. Now with every big sale, while your customers can enjoy your site's fast performance and hassle-free shopping experiences, you can celebrate increasing traffic and sales instead of stressing over how to manage it all efficiently.

Enhance Functionality Fast

Building a site that distinctly reflects your brand is now easier. The open source, customizable platform of Magento® Commerce (Formerly Enterprise Edition) is built to effortlessly integrate with third-party solutions and make ecommerce operation smooth. Should you face any difficulty during the development or integration process, rest assured that there's a vast network of ecommerce experts always on hand to assist you.

User Experience

One Platform for all your Needs

Magento® Commerce (Formerly Enterprise Edition) gives the ability to tackle your business, consumers and everything in between through one single platform. The flexible feature set, easy customization, fast integration and an extensive assortment of extensions allow you to build a unique yet effective site for any industry or business. Sharing one platform for all your business and ecommerce development needs helps to reduce costs and improve your bottom line.

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