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The Last Platform you will ever Need.

With Magento® Commerce Cloud (Formerly Enterprise Cloud Edition), you don't have to worry about servers and traffic spikes. We monitor the entire environment leaving you to focus on expanding into new markets, creating engaging customer experiences, and irresistible promotions.

Get to market faster with a managed service, cloud hosting solution that is optimized to run the Magento Commerce platform. Because you shouldn't fear holidays and traffic spikes, you should celebrate them.

Website Optimisation

Dedicated Platform

Optimise your site 24/7, no matter where your customer is, and ensure your content is delivered fast by hosting your store in the cloud. In addition, get real time performance analytics to ensure your site is working hard all the time.

Build Business Confidence

Moving to Magento® Commerce Cloud (Formerly Enterprise Cloud Edition) will deploy new features faster, improve business performance, reduce cost, improve alignment with customers and partners, easily scale to meet unexpected demand etc.

The Flexibility of Magento® Commerce Cloud (Formerly Enterprise Cloud Edition) with Industry-Leading Cloud Technology

Magento® Commerce Cloud (Formerly Enterprise Cloud Edition) brings together best of breed solutions at all levels of the stack- for platform management, AWS for hosting, and New Relic for performance management tools. An edition that will greatly reduce the management and deployment costs for merchants. Built on AWS, the world's leading cloud environment, MagentoR Commerce Cloud Formerly Enterprise Cloud Edition is designed to grow with your success. When sales and traffic get heavy, this edition will fire up, ensuring your site won't go down at the wrong time.

  • Full Magento Enterprise Edition Source Code
  • Access to Magento Extensions Marketplace
  • Upgrade as your Business Grows
  • Unparalleled Flexibility with Magento Cloud
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Magento® Commerce Cloud (Formerly Enterprise Cloud Edition) defines the post-SaaS commerce platform era. It's a first-of-its-kind in-market solution and a major differentiator in the broader Magento product portfolio". With this new platform running on AWS, we ensure that our merchants have the agility to respond to a rapidly changing environment, can continuously deploy innovations, easily scale to meet unexpected demand and don't have to worry about the day-to-day management of infrastructure.

Mark Lavelle, CEO of Magento Commerce

The Differentiator - Post-SAAS


On-Premises Service Model

A costlier affair, where in the Merchant hosts and manages the Store on his premises. From Servers, Security, Database to the Application, everything is in the physical location of the Merchant.


Infrastructure as a service where Application, Security, Databases and OS is managed by the Merchant and Servers, Networking and data centres are managed by the service provider.

PAAS Cloud Service Model

Magento® Commerce Cloud (Formerly Enterprise Cloud Edition) an innovative solution based on Platform as a Services. With MECE, Merchants get the full control of the Application and rest all the hassles are taken care by the industry leading technology specialist keeping the entire code open and customisable.


A traditional way of using a system where only the content is managed by the merchant and everyting else is in the control of the provider. If you forgot to pay for the service, it will be shut.

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