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Website Maintenance Services For Those Who Want an Up-to-Date Site

At 18th Technology, we believe that it takes more to succeed online than getting a website developed. Yes, you may optimise your site and make it search-engine-friendly but even that may not help. That’s because your site needs to be updated at regular intervals. It must be maintained, plain and simple. Nobody wants to know what you did in 2003 or if your sales and marketing team went for a picnic, 2 years back. And with maintenance comes more traffic, which in turn leads to a better conversion rate (more sales).

Website Maintenance Is For All

A small or medium-size business or a large enterprise, everyone can benefit from website maintenance services. And just because you do not have anything worth updating, doesn’t mean you don’t need these services. You do. Here’s why:

  • It’s all about making your site relevant to the users
  • An up-to-date site goes down well with the users and gains their confidence
  • It’s no secret that when the users are confident of you, they buy more
  • If your competitors have a well-kept site, but you do not, no matter how better you are in terms of what you offer, you stand to lose

More importantly, you may have put a great deal of effort into search engine optimization, but if your site talks of products that you no longer offer, is showing a blog that you posted 5 years ago as the latest entry from you, and has a phone number that went out of service long back, you cannot really expect to have high rankings. But with well-thought-of updates, you can. That’s why you need us, our services.

Benefits of Maintenance Services

When you have a properly maintained site, you not only present the most recent information to the users, but also make sure that the search engines can index your web pages without any difficulty. And when that happens, there is an automatic increase in your web traffic. Sadly, most of the companies in India are never told about this. But we make sure that you are aware of all the possible benefits, including:

  • With regular maintenance of your website, you may see a considerable enhancement in your online brand value
  • Addressing the security related issues is also a part of the services
  • Getting your site updated is one of the best ways if you are working towards greater revenue generation

Updates Are Not Optional

If you want to keep the users interested in your site and want them to keep coming back, you need to ensure there is something they can look forward to.

  • So if your blog hasn’t been updated in a while, it’s high time you come up with a new post
  • Products and services that no longer feature in your portfolio should be removed because you may get enquiries for them, and when the users get to know these are not in stock, they might get annoyed
  • If you are getting too many visits, but no one seems to be calling you, may be you do not have the right phone number on your site. It must be changed with immediate effect

Now, there are many firms that offer website maintenance services in India, but what they might not tell you is that sometimes outdated information also attracts penalties, especially when the search engines are under the impression that there’s something wrong with your site. We give you a clear picture before we start working on your site.

Affordable Maintenance Plans

We understand that cost may be one of the many reasons you might not have considered updating your site. But, with us, cost is the least of your worries. We are among the few in India to bring affordability to website maintenance services. And the best part is that depending on how often you need our services, you can choose from different plans.

Experts at Your Service

We have skilled, experienced maintenance executives working for us, who know exactly how to go about keeping a site up and running. They save you the trouble of taking the matters into your own hands, and check your site thoroughly to find out what all sections are in immediate need of maintenance. Our experts make sure that the users have the right contact details if they wish to call you up or write in an email, are presented with a site that follows the current trends in terms of web design, and get to benefit from social plug-ins, payment gateways and other features that they expect from a site of today.

Our own site is well-maintained. That’s how good our experts are. Take a cue. Give us a call on +91 0120-4107133 or write to us at You may also request a quote online if money has been keeping you from giving website maintenance services some serious thought, and the first thing you want to know is how much our services are going to cost you.