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Website Design & Development Services Aimed At Enhancing the User Experience

Here, at 18th Technology, we design for the users. We do whatever it takes to catch their fancy and avoid anything and everything that may be a turn off, including obtrusive audio and video. Long story short, this is what we do:

Keeping Load Times to a Minimum

We are aware of the fact that if your site takes more than 3 seconds to load, you may unknowingly drive away as many as 40% of the users. This awareness comes in handy, and we make sure that every site we design loads really fast. After all, we don’t want you to lose the opportunity of making the users feel that you care for them and that you don’t want them to wait for ages before they get to check out your site. For that matter, we do a speed test and hand over the site to you only when it passes the test with flying colours.

Making the Users Come Back

When we get down to designing a site, we always focus on the users – what they may like, what might encourage them to take a second look at your site, and more importantly, what can we do enhance user experience? We try and find the answers to these questions and once we have them, leave no stone unturned to come up with a user-engaging web design. And we have been doing it for quite a while; in fact, now we have our way with both site architecture and design interface – two of the most essential elements that can make your site a success story.

Leaving Room for the Updates

We believe that one of the best ways to make the users come back is to provide them with the latest information. Wait a minute – doesn’t that call for some professional help? Not really; at least, not with us. What makes us one of the highly sought-after website development companies in India is that we use a client-friendly CMS, which is quite easy to work with. It allows you to make changes to your site, especially those related to content, without any difficulty. You don’t need a professional or enter into a contract with us for that matter and can still update the images and even change the site headings, if you need to. And when you make changes, the users feel that they have something new to see, every time they come and visit your site.

Keeping You in the Loop

The only way we can get to know more about your users is by talking to you, asking you all sorts of questions about who you cater to and what market it is that you are trying to target. So you have an important role to play here. But of course, it’s not the only reason why we keep you involved while we undertake website design & development. Your involvement helps us better understand your needs. We may ask you to come and be a part of our brainstorming sessions, wherein you and we can try and come up with some new ideas for the design.

Letting the Users Socialise

One of the most important aspects of web development these days is social media integration. And guess what – we know our way around it. We make it possible for your users to share what they see and interact with others, if they want to. We understand that with almost 60% of the Facebook users signing in on regular basis and Pinterest’s popularity rising by the day,

Social media is no longer an option; it’s a necessity

With this understanding, we also work towards making it easy for you to implement social media optimisation campaigns so that you can benefit from the boom.

Not Making the Users Think

They say, those who think, seldom buy. We agree, and that’s how we design, i.e. we don’t make them think, at least not too much. Everything is so simple that they understand where to go and what to do next on their own. Whether you talk about the placement of the navigation buttons or the positioning of the sign up forms, everything is in order. And the best part is that there is no techie talk, which may confuse the users and affect their perception of your site. We want to enhance user experience and not make them hit the exit button.

Not Letting Go Of the Web Standards

We are of the opinion that if search engines fall in love with your site, users would too. And that’s why we make sure that the design for your site is in strict compliance with the web standards, which go down well with the search engines. When these standards are adhered to, you also avoid the risk of getting penalised.

Using the Latest Technologies and Tools

We keep up with the times so that our design doesn’t disappoint your users, who we believe are always on the lookout for something new. Right from HTML5 to CSS3 and from ColdFusion to jQuery, we or rather our web designers are well-versed in almost every technology in use today.

Going Responsive For Mobile Users

Most of your users have hand-held devices and prefer using them over desktops – now, you may not know this, but we do. So while working on your project, we don’t just keep the needs of the desktop users in mind, but also ensure that the design is suitable for those with mobile phones and tablets. We attempt to provide the users with an optimal viewing experience, no matter what device they use. And it’s not only about the users here. A responsive web design works for you as well, because you can than target more users than you may otherwise and also get to survive in this cut-throat competition, without having to invest in a mobile site.

Some things are better left to professionals. If you agree, do give us a call on +91 0120-4107133, or write to us at, citing the purpose of your mail, and we would get back to you as soon as possible. And, if you have some questions in mind, send them our way. Let’s try and find the answers together.