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Save Time & Money with Our Open Source Development Services

Here, at 18th Technology, we can help you reap the rewards of open source development. We are good at it. No matter which industry segment you are from, we can develop highly reliable, secure, dynamic and performance-oriented web applications for you. And the best part is that we can use the platform of your choice. Be it Magento, Moodle, Joomla, or even Typo3, we are well-versed in almost every platform that supports the development of robust, user-friendly applications. Of course, there are many other open source development firms in India that you can go to, but you should choose us. We are different. Here’s how:

  • We can develop a wide range of applications, right from the simplest ones to those that have some serious complexities involved.
  • We can meet individual requirements, whether you are an educational institute, a bank, a government body or a business that’s looking forward to sell products online. And you could be a small/medium-size business or a large enterprise.
  • Our experience allows us to undertake customisation. We are among the few ones to offer custom development in India.
  • We save you from vendor lock-in, expensive license and server requirements and address other concerns that may prevent you from considering open source development.
  • As we offer many other services, including maintenance, what you get are end-to-end solutions.

  • Why Open Source Development?

    • Your applications are ready in less time. Our open source developers are able to benefit from a wide repository of plug-ins and modules and have a world-wide community backup. So they get to work really fast.
    • There is scope for extensive customization. Whether you are looking for CMS, CRM, ERP or E-Commerce solutions, we can not only develop them for you with ease, but also tweak them to your exact specifications.
    • You spend much less; we can help alleviate the licensing charges that may otherwise go through the roof.
    • You enjoy a great deal of flexibility. You can get any developer to work on your project because there is no encryption or compilation involved.
    • It is possible to integrate the applications with the platform of your choice.

    Why Us?

    • Our developers have had the chance to work with various open source systems. So we have the kind of exposure that most of the other firms lack.
    • We know how to best use the latest technologies and those cutting-edge tools that further reduce the development time.
    • Our development methodology is such that we can easily accommodate your individual needs and customise the applications.
    • We are transparent. That’s clearly reflected in the way we communicate with you.
    • If you are looking for budget-friendly and affordable open source development, who better than us.

    And we are just a phone call away. Dial +91 0120-4107133 to find out how we can best use open source software to meet your needs. Or write in to us at if you have some questions in mind.