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Changing Your Perception of Web Development Services

At 18th Technology, we have been developing websites for quite some time now. We have been going strong because we have knowledgeable web developers, with considerable experience, those who work together as a team. We call them ‘our pool of talent’ here. And the fact that we only use the latest technology has also worked to our advantage all this while. Not to mention, our beliefs have also gone a long way in making us one of the highly sought-after web development companies in India. Wondering what we believe in? Well, here’s a glimpse:

A Little Knowledge Is a Dangerous Thing

We hire no half-leaners – those who don’t know it all; yes, learning never stops and in fact, we hold training sessions at regular intervals to ensure that it doesn’t, but then, they should be well-versed in HTML, CSS and JavaScript and must have familiarity with server/client side architecture. It is because we are backed by such developers that we are able to meet your individual needs with utter ease – developers who are good at leveraging frameworks – developers who know how to best use a database – developers who don’t started working on a site after reading a couple of online tutorials or going through some random books, if you know what we mean.

United We Stand, Divided We Fall

Yes, we do have dedicated web developers, but doesn’t mean they work in isolation – they take everyone along, right from the content writers to those who optimise the content and make it search-friendly – all of them work together to develop your site. And for that matter, within the development team itself, there is cohesion. So while one developer may be busy focusing on the interaction between server-side frameworks, somebody else from the same team might pool in and help them with, say, client-side technologies such as JavaScript and CSS – that’s how we work here – hand in hand.

Web Development Is No Rocket Science

For us, it’s easy- that’s because we use tools that help us deliver nothing but the best, minus the complexities involved – tools that let us test and more importantly, debug – tools that make our scripts perform better. Also, we keep tabs on every important development. So now that TYPO3, Drupal and other open-source content management systems have gained popularity, you may see us focusing on online interaction and communication while undertaking web development.

Rules Are Meant To Be Broken

It’s almost a rule these days to use dark colours – everyone’s saying that they increase the traffic – maybe they do – but if your site’s layout calls for lighter colours – should we still stick to the dark ones? Whatever happened to custom website development! All we are saying is that we can break a rule or two, if it suits your needs. Of course, we can always make up for the loss, if any – we have our own ways of doing it. And it’s what you get in the end that counts, isn’t it? Well, rules or no rules, we give you a site that’s truly unique.

Hearsay Is No Good

Others blindly follow whatever they hear. We don’t. We question. We find out if it holds water. If it doesn’t, we treat it as one of those rumours – rumours that come and go. If today they are saying that “: hover” is on its way out, who knows, tomorrow they may roll out the red carpet for the same pseudo-element. So we won’t abandon it, at least not anytime soon. Speculations are also rife about what would happen to SVG. As if we don’t know – come on, anyone who offers web development services must know that this xml-based vector image format isn’t going anywhere.

Once Bitten, Twice Shy

We understand that you may have been a victim and that one of these security threats might have gotten to you in the past. It is with this understanding that we do anything and everything to make your site secure. We are perhaps one of the few companies that offer website development services in India and engage in stringent testing – companies that make sure that every contact form comes with a captcha – companies that don’t miss out on security patch updates – companies that employ different forms of encryption. Well, what can we say – we are proud to be one!

Each to Their Own

We don’t force our preferences on you. As a business, you ought to have individual needs, and these are the ones we work on. Yes, we give suggestions because we do know a thing or two about website development, but then, it is you who can judge what’s best for your business. Based on your judgement, we undertake what they call custom web development, often following a completely different approach from what we may have followed for another business. We make no mistake; we understand that the two of you are not alike and chances are that neither are your needs.

Think you could use the services of experienced developers? Well, who better than us? Guess what – experience is not the only thing that gets us going. We have an edge – an edge that we get from our use of technology – an edge that our understanding of your needs gives us – an edge that we get by stepping into your shoes and finding out what kind of security considerations may prevent you from taking web development seriously.

Our competitors don’t have any of this, but then it is for you to decide. Once you have made the decision, don’t forget to give us a call on 0120-4107133. You can also send in an email. We can be reached at And of course, we are okay with you filling out the Contact Us form online to get in touch.