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Tablet Application Development for Reaching Out To More Users

At 18th Technology, we have taken tablet application development quite seriously. And that’s because we know that more tablets would be shipped in the coming years than desktop computers and laptops combined. We also happen to know that an average user spends as many as 90 minutes per day on their tablet. So you see we have our own reasons behind developing apps for this mobile computer. These reasons drive us to develop:

Apps That Are Just Right for Tablets

When we get to tablet application development, the first thing we do is use the additional screen available to our advantage. After all, it gives us an opportunity to deepen user engagement. And how do we do that? Well, we optimise the UI as well as the layout.

  • We for one never let the List Views and Menus to make use of the full screen width
  • We adequately pad the text content
    • This gives us an edge over those who don’t – those who unknowingly allow the content to align directly along the screen edges
  • We work on improving content legibility
    • For this, we customise the font sizes as well as the margins

  • Apps That Target the Android Versions Properly

    We understand that the users may have tablets with different versions of Android. With this understanding, we develop apps you can be distributed to most of them. This is done by:

    • Checking the uses-sdk element
      • We make sure that all the attributes have the right values
    • Paying special attention to the targetSdkVersion
      • We set it to the highest API level available

    • Apps That Promise a Great User Experience

      Unlike others, we don’t look forward to develop apps that suit you; rather, we keep the users at the forefront. How else would you explain why we:

      • Ensure that if there is a home widget, its dimensions are set appropriately
        • We work on default (and resize) height and width
      • See to it that the images render correctly
        • Especially the 9-patch ones
      • Make it a point to adjust the touch targets
        • We take full advantage of the layouts and bitmap drawables for this purpose
      • Optimise icons and bitmap assets for different densities
        • We supply different versions for hdpi, xhdpi and xxhdpi
      • Declare hardware feature dependencies in a proper manner
        • Our apps don’t declare requirements for hardware features that are no so common

      If you wish to target tablet users (did we tell you that by 2015, there would be more than 80 million tablet users in the United States alone), consider us to be your one-stop destination. We, with our expertise in undertaking tablet application development, can help you hit the bull’s eye. Still have some doubts? Why don’t you write in to us at and give us a chance to clear the air.