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Sales and Lead Generation Services to Help You Sell More

Here, at 18th Technology, we believe that we are the knowledgeable kind. Like we know that only 2% of the cold calls result in an appointment and that if we do e-mail marketing, it may get us much better results. So, what do we do with whatever it is that we know? We use it to make our sales and lead generation services better, not that they are not already among the best, but we keep on improving.

Leads That Can Be Nurtured With Ease

We have been into sales generation long enough to be aware of the loopholes. We for one know that businesses have a hard time converting a large percentage (sometimes nearly 80%) of the leads into sales. And why does that happen? Well, nurturing, or the lack of it is to blame. So we provide you with leads that you can work on (or nurture) without any difficulty.

Leads That Are High On the Quality Quotient

What good are prospects if you can’t turn them into customers? We understand that whether you are a small business with limited resources or one of the biggies, you may be tempted to stuff your sales funnel with numbers, but as far as we are concerned, our focus is (and always has been) on quality. In fact, it is one of the biggest reasons why out of all the companies that do lead generation in India, our clients choose us, for they know that with our high quality leads, they can expect to have a high conversion rate.

Leads That Come From Different Channels

Unlike other sales and lead generation companies, we don’t put all our eggs in one basket. Rather a multi-fold program is what we implement. And just because we use different channels, doesn’t mean we can’t tell the good ones from those that are “not-so-good”. Like we know Facebook may get us more leads than Twitter possibly can.

Leads That Are Just Right

Did you know that almost half of the sales go to the first person to contact the prospects? We have known it for quite some time now. So we try and give you fresh leads, knowing very well that you may not necessarily be the first person to reach out to them but can at least save yourself from the agony of prospects who have already been bombarded with hundreds of calls.

And not just that, all our leads are “demographically correct”.

Leads That Have Worked For Others

Don’t worry we won’t be giving you the same set of leads. It’s just that the clients we have served in the past could benefit from our sales generation services with ease. We are confident of you having a similar experience.

To find out how we go about generating some highly useful leads, fill out our Contact Us form here. Or you can write in to us at, should you have a specific question in mind.