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Earn Credibility with Our Website Content Writing Services

At 18th Technology, we understand the difference between website content and its counterparts. Believe us, there aren’t many that do. So that gives us an edge. What also works in our favour is that we use website content writing services to get you in the good books of the audience and not to make you look like a larger-than-life business, one that’s under suspicion all the time. Enough about us; here’s what we stand for:

Your Wish Is Our Command

No matter what kind of website content you want us to write, whether it’s promotional in nature or is meant for one of those vanity pages, we are game. Did we tell you we are among the few in India to write informational content the right way? Others, well, they often deviate from the topic. We don’t. You know what – we have our way with persuasive pages as well – pages that let you put across your point of view and maybe even convince others. And if you are looking forward to teach a unit or two, what better than an instructional page? You know, we can write that too.

Evaluation Is Our Key to Quality

Yes, we are into website content writing, but that’s not all we do. We also evaluate. We check the header, body and footer one by one. But what do we check these for?

First, we make sure that not only are the spellings correct, but the grammar leaves no room for doubt either. Next, we look for factual errors, if any, and make amends there and then. Once that part is taken care of, we:

  • Ensure that the data or facts being used are up-to-date
  • Double check the title and see if anything is wrong with it
  • Make sure that the content does target the potential audience

Our Information Is For All to See

Unlike others, we only include verifiable information. You won’t see us going gaga over your services or calling you one of the leading service providers, if you are not, because we would rather tell the audience how many clients you have served or maybe what distinguishes you from your competitors. Why, you may wonder. Well,

  • This makes you look credible
  • You are unlikely to be questioned
  • Chances are that your competitors are already calling themselves “the leaders” and so you need to stand apart

Every Writer of Ours Knows What to Do

Yes, we do know that almost 79% of the users simply scan the website content and never really read it closely, but we want our writers to know this too. And they do! After all, we have the knowledgeable kind working for us – writers who:

  • Know that their content must go down well with the search engines
  • Understand the importance of a clear composition
  • Have their facts right and know their readers are different from those who read print content

See, if you look for companies that offer website content writing services in India, well, there are too many – perhaps too many to count, but then, you must choose the one that’s different – one that puts the best foot forward, but is also ready to own up to mistakes, if any. Guess what – that’s us! Call us on +91 0120-4107133 or send in an email to info@18thtechnology.com and we’ll get back to you.