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Press Release Writing Services for Getting the Word Out

Here, at 18th Technology, we are of the opinion that press releases should form an integral part of your marketing campaign. After all, they let you communicate, help in grabbing the media’s attention, and give you just the right amount of publicity. Now, you may consider writing them on your own, but do you really have the time? Or have a team of specialists that’s well-versed in the art? Our press release writing services are aimed at bridging the gap.

How We Write

The 5 W’s

When we get down to press release writing, we start by obtaining the most important information:

  • Who: Is the news about a specific person or is it the company that wants to send across a message to the key stakeholders?
  • What: What is the news? Or what exactly has happened (or would happen, if the event is still lined up)?
  • When: Has the event already taken place? Did the company take an important step? If so, when?
  • Where: Where did (or would) the event(s) take place? For instance, if a seminar was held, what was the venue?
  • Why: What was the reason behind taking the step? Or what guided the event?

Way of Writing

Most of the companies that offer press release writing services in India write one just for the sake of it. We don’t. In fact, we have a checklist to ensure that every press we write serves its purpose:

  • We know that a press release (PR) is not the same as a sales pitch. We make sure that the two never cross paths. If and when you have news, we share it.
  • Our team of content writing experts knows and understands how important a powerful headline can be. How else would you explain why all of our write-ups have headlines that prompt you to read further?
  • We know that press release writing may also require us to be good at storytelling (just like blogs, articles and web content pieces do), but as they are more formal in nature, we cut to the chase. No beating around the bush here!

Sentence construction and grammar are two things that are never really off the radar for us!

How We Stand Apart

  • We don’t expect you to provide us with all the details. Our press release writing experts dig deeper for information and start the work only when they are done with the research part.
  • We do some serious proofreading, and we do it again and again to eliminate the possible errors.
  • We don’t hand over the final PR to you straight away. We come up with a draft first, send it to you for approval, and then make the necessary changes, if any.

Whether you have just launched a new product or are in talks with another business for merger, make sure that those who matter get to know it first. Call us on +91 0120-4107133 and share the news so that we can write a really good PR for your stakeholders. You can also send a mail to info@18thtechnology.com.