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Classified Writing Services for Effective Communication with the Target Audience

Here, at 18th Technology, we have a different take on classified writing services. Unlike others, we don’t lie. Our services are not aimed at getting you the maximum number of clicks. Rather we focus on the actual sales. And we do not mislead. That’s not us. We want you to be seen as a trusted business, and do nothing that can damage your online reputation.

Why Consider Classified Writing

The first and most important thing that classifieds do for you is that they provide you with the opportunity to reach out to your target audience, in a rather quick and effective way. Of course, you also get to promote your products and services, but it is communication that takes the front seat here. And when we write classifieds for you, you get to:

  • Attract the attention of the potential customers
  • Raise their interest
    • It is for this purpose that all the classified ads written by us focus on the advantages of whatever it is that you offer. We seldom talk of features
  • Convince them that they have a strong desire for your products and services and that their needs are being satisfied
  • Lead them towards making a purchase

In short, we follow the AIDA model of marketing to make sure that the classifieds serve the purpose they are supposed to, that of increasing your customer base.

How We Go About It

  • When we get down to classified content writing, we always start with the keywords. In fact, we try and include them in the first sentence itself so that even those who skim and don’t read the ads pay attention to what is being offered.
  • We know the difference between classifieds and other types of marketing content. It is this knowledge that prompts us to follow the KISS (keep it short and simple) principle. We are of the opinion that detailed information is better left for article and blog writing services.
  • However, this doesn’t mean that we miss out on the important details. We always mention the year, condition and size, if provided.
  • We weigh our options, and list the price only if it’s an outstanding deal. Otherwise we go with “best offer” and similar terms.
  • Most of the other companies that offer classified writing services simply leave your phone number for the audience to see. We, on the other hand, connect with them by telling them the best time to call and listing the towns where you offer your products and services.
  • We know how important it is to categorise the ad correctly. So we are always a bit extra cautious here because we know that the wrong category can do more harm than good.

Once our classified writers are ready with the draft, it’s handed over to our editors, who then proofread it to find even the most minute mistakes, including typos.

If you want ads that are free of errors and have everything that it takes to get noticed, give us a call on +91 0120-4107133 or send a mail to info@18thtechnology.com.