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Blog Writing Services For Leads You So Crave For

Here, at 18th Technology, we can be a little greedy at times; guilty as charged. In fact, the moment we learnt that we could get you more indexed pages and links, we were like “why not”. Hence blog writing – for blogs help you get your share of the online pie (and with 434% more indexed pages, it’s certainly a big one).

If Only It Was That Easy

Do you think when John Barger coined the term “blog” in 1997, he would have thought someday more than 6 million people would be using blogging sites? It’s anybody’s guess. The point is that with so many “bloggers” out there, it’s not an easy job to come up with something that stands out – gets you more inbound links – lets you generate more leads – makes the readers follow you on social media. But we have what it takes. We have been doing it for quite some time now – helping you take full advantage of blogging that is.

Simple Writing, High Thinking

  • Back then, they utilised gold coins.
  • They live in close proximity.
  • When did it commence?
  • Back then, they “used” gold coins.
  • They live “nearby”.
  • When did it “start”?

Well, as a company that’s on its way to becoming one of the leading providers of blog writing services in India, we do have bloggers who know quite a few fancy words – but guess what – they like to keep it short and simple (KISS). Did we tell you we are also not-so-fond of long sentences?

Active All the Way

When we do blog writing, we go by the book, which tells us to follow the “subject – verb – object” sequence.

“Active evil is better than Passive good.” – William Blake

We see no reason whatsoever to reverse the order. There are of course times when we may find one, but then it’s not often that we have to bore the readers with “walls are protected by a good quality paint”, when “a good quality paint protects the walls” can pretty much say what we have on mind and still catch their fancy.

So Much for Information

Ever since it’s been out in the open that more than 60% of US consumers have made a purchase based on a blog post, blog writing companies have had some really big shoes to fill. We now have clients coming to us and saying, “We want a blog that sells.” So, do we give them what they want? You bet.

  • We don’t ramble
    • Doesn’t mean if we know how to write, we put on a talent show.
  • We love to share the details
    • For e.g. we understand the difference between “writing services” and “blog writing services”, the latter being more specific of the two.
  • We don’t put the readers to sleep
    • We don’t write the same thing over and over and over. If we don’t have anything worth writing, we wait till we get something.

The Smaller – The Better

If you thought blogging was some kind of luxury, only meant for those big, thriving businesses, think again.

Did you know?
Small businesses with blogs have been found to generate 126% more leads.

Big or small – we can make blog posts work for you. Want to know how? Write in to us at info@18thtechnology.com or fill out the Contact Us form here.