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Article Writing For Readership You Oh-So-Want

Here, at 18th Technology, we are often told that it’s easy to write articles. And every time, we just nod our head in a yes. It is easy – article writing that is, but only if they were doing it right. They, who? Those who give you what looks more like a vomit of words, with no layout whatsoever. What about us? Well, you’ll find out.

A Big No-No to Peacocks and Weasels

Don’t worry; we are no animal haters. It’s just that we don’t use peacock and weasel terms – terms that are used by those who have nothing substantial to say and simply beat around the bush in the name of article writing. We, on the other hand, let the facts do the talking. And where do we get the facts from? Well, we do extensive research.


If we were to write something on organic search results, we won’t put it like this: “Organic results are amongst the most important things to focus on.

“70-80% of the users prefer organic results over the paid ones.” – That’s more like us.

To Spell or Not to Spell

Okay, we are no Spelling Bee champs, but we know enough to proof-read whatever it is that we write.

  • We do understand that software or word processors may highlight the misspelled words, but at our end, we leave no room for error.
  • It is this understanding that makes us stand out, despite the fact that there are hundreds and thousands of companies that offer article writing services in India.

Time is Money

Hire us, for we are quick like a bunny. We can write an article in almost 20 minutes, if the need be. Why drag?

  • We use bullet points, whenever and wherever possible
    • They help grab the readers’ attention and also let us wind up real quick
  • We keep it short and simple (KISS)
    • Unless you need an e-book of sorts, we keep it under 500 words
  • We do our homework
    • When we get down to article writing, we just write. Research, if any, is done beforehand.

Science or Art – Both Maybe

We use the right tone, always. And of course the right style – news, summary or whatever best suits the kind of article we are to write. That takes care of the science part; art, well, we know how to paint a picture. So that’s what we do – we are writers, yes, but we don’t play with words.

1)   If you fall, you may hurt yourself.
2)   If you fall, you may sustain a shoulder injury.

We know the difference between the two, and hope you do too!

An Extra ‘C’ Comes For Free

What do most of the article writers do? They go by the book, and write articles that are Clear, Concise, Complete, and of course, Compliant. We do the same. So, are we any different? You bet. We make our articles “Captivating”. And we give you a bonus as well. How else would you explain why all our write-ups are always Current (up-to-date) in terms of the facts that go into making them complete?

So, if you have had it with the so-called leading providers of article writing services in India, why not give us a chance? We have proved our mettle many a time, and can do it again. Send in a mail to info@18thtechnology.com, in case of any query. And yes, you reach us via our own site – just fill out the Contact Us form.