Smarty Development Services For Easy Maintenance, Better Security, and More

Most of the Smarty developers in India claim to offer what they call “fast, dynamic, and out-of-the-box solutions.” However, here, at 18th Technology, we make no such claims. All we say is that if you want a site or application that’s easy to support and maintain, can be customised without any difficulty, doesn’t take much time in terms of deployment, and addresses your security concerns, do give us a call. Our Smarty development services are aimed at providing you with one

A Site Customized To Your Needs

Thanks to the template engine’s flexibility, when you hire a Smarty developer, your individual needs are easily met. Don’t know about others, but we certainly know our way around customisation. We can introduce the colour schemes and graphics of your choice, and even integrate customized templates with some of your existing systems, if you so desire

End-to-End Services

We have an edge over the competition, as far as Smarty development services are concerned. That’s because we handle almost every aspect, right from development through implementation. We also take all the necessary measures to ensure that there are NO malicious attacks afterwards

And if you are looking for an additional functionality, don’t forget to give us a call on +91 0120-4107133. Do ask how we can use jQuery or Ajax to best meet your needs.

Why Smarty?

We do understand that before you hire Smarty developers, you may want to know why you should look for one in the first place. Well, here are some reasons:

  • Smarty for one simplifies template maintenance. Our developers believe that being an abstraction layer on PHP that’s what it’s aimed at.
  • The template engine makes way for what is commonly referred to as language-agnosticism. Meaning, compiling Smarty templates to JavaScript or any other language isn’t that difficult.
  • Again, you need not worry about security. There are features that can take care of it.

Did you know? Smarty’s security features impose granular constraints on templates.

Why Us?

For starters, we have our facts straight. When we undertake development, we don’t just get down to work but also find out everything we can, about the technology in use. Like we know that it was Monte Ohrt who came up with the name “Smarty”. Here’s what else makes us your obvious choice:

  • We are good at what we do. Need proof? Check out the testimonials or take a look at our portfolio!
  • We know how to take advantage of the tools that Smarty offers. Right from the template engine’s granular data caching to functional sandboxing, we make everything work in your favour.
  • All our developers have hands-on experience. They can easily meet your needs.

Smarty development is catching on India, and there may be like a gazillion developers out there. But it’s up to you – if you want quality services that do not cost you a fortune, look no further for we are here.

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Why don’t you do one thing? Why don’t you call us on +91 0120-4107133 or send a mail to Let’s take it from there. What say?