Ruby on Rails Specialists in India Are Now Just a Phone Call Away

Here, at 18th Technology, we have task-oriented, experienced Ruby on Rails developers who make it possible for you to enjoy the benefits that this open source web application framework has to offer. They help you cut down on costs and save time, get a working prototype up and running as quickly as possible, and provide you with highly functional web applications and sites. Still wondering, what’s in it for you? Well,

You Are Not Bound

We are sure that once you see our work, you won’t hire any other Ruby on Rails developer, but if and when you want to, you can. That’s the beauty of Ruby on Rails development, and unlike others, we don’t give you the impression that it’s either us or nobody. Should an issue arise, you are free to get it fixed from just about anyone.

You Are Lucky If You Just Started

It can’t get any better. Now is the time for you to let go of the standardised template solutions that, well, every other startup uses. Ruby on Rails is among the few frameworks that let you stand out and that too without burning a hole in your pocket. And if you are big, it’s equally good for you. After all, it has done some real good for them:

GitHub Yammer
Scribd Groupon
Shopify Hulu
Basecamp Who’s Next? It could be YOU!

You Don’t Have To Wait Till the End

Why else do you think more than 600, 000 sites are already running on Ruby on Rails? (Source: Wikipedia) It’s the framework’s flexibility that acts like a magnet, attracting big and small companies alike. If you hire a Ruby on Rails developer, they shouldn’t continue working on the project even if it’s not feasible, right? Well, they don’t have to.

At 18th Technology, we always make sure that we first come up with a working prototype, see if it makes sense to continue, and then proceed further with the development. Others often fail (or conveniently forget) to keep a check on the cracks, if any, but we don’t, plain and simple.

You Get To Benefit from Plug-and-Play Functionality

What if we told you that you can use the elements of your current apps for some of your future projects? Would you have believed us? Well, you must, because it’s true. The framework makes way for building blocks, the ones that can come in handy, not just now, but even later on. And at our end, we make sure that the apps we develop for you turn out to be not just expandable but multi-purpose as well.

To cut the long story short, if you have been looking for agile, scalable web apps all this while, well, guess what – your search ends here. It’s easy to say we have the best Ruby on Rails developers in India or we are one of the leading firms, but we rather let our work do the talking.

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Call us now and let’s see how we can best address your needs. We can be reached at +91 0120-4107133. Need a quote? Request one online.