Magento Web Development Services for a Better Conversion Rate

Nulli Secundus – that’s what we believe in, here, at 18th Technology. How else would you explain why we have some of the best Magento developers in India? Magento is an excellent platform, no doubt, but not everyone can help you make the most of it. Our developers can. They have in the past. It’s up to you; if you want to increase your online sales, call us right away. Or maybe check out some of the reasons before you do:

Jump On The Bandwagon Now

We have always had our facts straight. We know that Magento already powers 26% of the top e-commerce sites. Do you? And now that is here, there’s no reason for you to not to hire a Magento developer immediately. After all, the latest version is aimed at providing a better experience to those who use mobile phones. So if you were contemplating a responsive web design all this while, now would be the time.

Promote, Optimise, and Sell

That’s what e-commerce is all about. When you hire Magento developers, you may save on marketing costs as well, because the platform itself has some great features that can help you sell more.

Did you know?
Magento has some state-of-the-art tools for up-selling and cross-selling, which can be used to increase your Average Order Value.

Features that we can help you make the most of:

URLs that go down well with the Search Engines Newsletters and polls, both of which have their share of benefits
Wishlists that the customers can send to their friends, if they feel like URL rewrites that again help you nail the optimisation (SEO) part
Multi-tier pricing, which can help if you are thinking of giving quantity discounts Flexible coupons
  • You can add more than one image for every product you offer online
    • When the customers get to see the product from different angels, they feel as if they are at a real-time store, shopping. That’s as close as it gets.
  • You also get to benefit from the zoom-in capability
    • It works wonders for those who wish to take a closer look

But the customers need more to make an informed decision; you know it better than us. They often rely on reviews, right? In fact, they don’t mind checking out some of the related products as well. Our Magento developers ensure that almost every bit of information, including stock availability, which they may be looking for, is right there for them to see.

Act like You Are by Their Side

At 18th Technology, we are of the opinion that if you offer several products, the customers may have a hard time choosing one. But, when you hire a Magento developer, you lay the foundation for what can be termed as “easy decision-making.” That’s because a good developer can help you make the most of layered navigation, product comparison and other features that come in handy when the customers are not sure which one of your products is right for them.

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Think our Magento development services can be of help? Well, why don’t you give us a call? Dial +91 0120-4107133 and talk to us about your individual requirements. You can also get in touch with us via email. Write in to us at