Taking Joomla Development to a Whole New Level

Here, at 18th Technology, our developers have fallen in love with Joomla. Don’t they have every reason to? After all, it’s an award-winning Content Management Framework that lets them build powerful applications sans the complexities otherwise involved. And not to mention, they save a lot of time when working on inventory control systems, custom product catalogues, and data reporting tools. You know what – once we tell you what Joomla has in store for you, you won’t think of any other CMF either.

What do Michael Phelps and Nintendo have in common? Well, they both use Joomla!

Source: Joomla.org

Have the Users by Your Side

We are of the opinion that no matter how good a website is, in case it doesn’t go down well with the users, it’s nothing but trash, plain and simple. But when you hire a Joomla developer, what you get is a site that’s:

  • attractive;
  • easy to navigate;
  • full of crowd-pulling features

And it’s not just the users who benefit here; you are at an advantage too.

Maintain the content, pages and graphics with ease
Get the most out of the free extensions
Give a boost to your SEO efforts
Spend less than what you would otherwise

Market Your Site Well

Joomla development has its share of advantages, in terms of marketing. And at our end, we make sure that you get to enjoy all of them. Our developers know how to enable search engine friendly (SEF) URLs and use this knowledge to build a site that’s likely to get higher rankings. We do our bit; the rest, well, it’s up to you.

Get Any Kind of Website

You may hire our Joomla developers for just about anything. Whether you need a corporate intranet or wish to go online with your magazine, we can help. Call us a one-stop destination, if you may, but, we know our way around:

Community-based portals Sites for small and medium-size businesses
Sites for schools, colleges and other institutes E-commerce portals
Web pages for personal or family use Corporate sites

Waste No Time, Not Anymore

Now is when you should consider Joomla development. Because others already have!

As of November 2016, Joomla has been downloaded over 78 million times(Source: Wikipedia)

*As of November, 2016

There’s no reason for you to lag behind especially now that you have found us, a company that’s among the best in India, in terms of Joomla development. Here’s why else you should act now:

  • The latest version (3.3) is already here and from what we have learnt, it’s packed with features
  • 3.1% of all websites are using Joomla, whose market share is set to increase. It’s high time you take advantage of the CMF’s rising popularity
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Joomla is one of the few options to put you in a win-win situation. All we do is ensure that you do emerge as a winner, leaving the competition fuming. Now, if that’s what you want, what’s stopping you? Give us a call on +91 0120-4107133 and let’s take it from there. Or write in to us at info@18thtechnology.com and we’d tell you why you should choose us and not hire any other Joomla developer in India.