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Offshore Outsourcing Centre for Your Product Development Needs

Our offshore outsourcing centre is manned by a team of professionals, who not only hold the essential qualifications but also know how to best meet your requirements. Our team makes use of state-of-the-art technologies in order to ensure that every web solution delivered from our end is future proof. Here, at 18th Technology, we also encourage our team to keep an eye out for the trends. The team combines what they have learnt over the years with what’s viable in this day and age and comes up with the most suitable solutions for your business. And while they are at it, the team does its best to:

  • Alleviate the outsourcing risks
  • Offer value for money
  • Live up to your expectations

Why Outsource?

You can undertake development at your own facility, but if it’s done at our offshore outsourcing centre, you are in a win-win situation. That’s because:

  • We are strategically located
  • Our centre is based in India, the outsourcing destination preferred by businesses from all over the world. Here, we can work on your project in a cost-effective manner, without compromising on the quality or the speed for that matter.

  • We have a time zone different than yours
  • When your team goes home, we get down to work. It’s like your project is being worked on 24 hours a day. And that reduces the development life cycle. The difference in time zones also helps shorten the time to market.

  • We have a pool of talent
  • We don’t just have developers, but a couple of project managers as well. They ensure that all aspects of your project are suitably handled and that you get the final product well in time. We also ask them to update you from time to time.

  • We value quality, just like you do
  • No matter what it takes, be it extensive testing or hiring a team for quality control, we keep the errors to a minimum at all times. Call us perfectionists, if you may, but we are keen to do our best.

  • We work with you, and not for you
  • If the work is done at any other offshore outsourcing centre in India, you may not have any clue about what’s going on. But that’s not case the here. We keep you in the loop. And if you want us to work together with your team, we are game. Our team here in India can act like an extension.

If you have projects piled up that your team doesn’t have the time to work on, give them to us. We, at our offshore outsourcing centre, can do the needful, saving you the trouble of hiring more people or spending a fortune on infrastructural resources. Give us a call on +91 0120-4107133 and let’s talk it out. Or have the concerned person write to us. We can be reached at