Succeeding at Online Marketing in Simple Steps

Online marketing sounds like a fancy buzzword to many marketers and entrepreneurs. Indeed, it is. But, let’s talk on a serious note. Is online marketing just another bandwagon that marketers are going crazy about or does it make the real deal? Well, brands like Chipotle Mexican Grill, Evian, Dove, Old Spice and Nike, which came up with marketing campaigns that became viral hits in no time, say it all. Defining the term Online Marketing So, what is online marketing? (Ok, we don’t want you to look up for that rambling definition Wikipedia puts up in

Because Google AdWords Would Not Forgive You For These PPC Blunders!

PPC sounds advance and effective. The kind of internet advertising that gives you tons of clicks, drive heavy traffic only to generate more sales. Plus, pulling off a PPC advertising campaign doesn’t have to be that complicated. With the right strategy in place and experts working on it, pay per click can sink your business into a pool of leads. But wait! As with almost everything, there’s a downside to PPC advertising, which only results from poor implementation and management. When done wrong, it can cost you a fortune and still get your

SEO Confessions: Are You Falling Victim to Over-Optimisation? Re-think Your SEO Strategy

Today, shaping websites to hit the top pages of web’s favourite search engines has become more of an urge than a choice for businesses and brands selling online. And, many of the marketers indulge so into Search Engine Optimization practices that they end up overdoing it only to alter the results for the worse. While most businesses and marketers go with the “the more you optimise, the better your results” belief, only a few happen to acknowledge the existence of “over-optimisation” notion. Yes. Carrying SEO too much beyond a certain

3 Signs You Need to Rebuild Your Internet Marketing Strategy

Internet marketing is not rocket science. But it doesn’t necessarily mean you can pull it off easily with a few hours of internet research, getting your hands on a few trendy tactics that seem substantial enough to be implemented on your business. Business owners who might have been handling their business’s online marketing for years without ample knowledge and technical expertise may realize at some point that they can’t do it all on their own. As much as people are swayed with the idea of internet marketing being one-size-fits-all kind, it

Go Big With Your Small Startup: 4 Online Marketing Tips to Boost Your Bootstrapped Business

Be it through email or online advertisements, brands, today are fighting for buyers’ attention. With hundreds and thousands of businesses already operating online, how could one possibly make their startup stand out? Well, no matter the ways you adopt to make it through the competitive digital space, it is going to be quite difficult and overwhelming for your startup, initially. However, the good news is there are some proven online marketing tactics that will certainly provide any startup with a fighting chance at success without having to make big investments. So, without

Node Js Development 101: How to Find the Right People for Your Project

Think your business can benefit from data-intensive, real-time applications? Hire a node js developer and get some built at your earliest convenience. After all, it’s not every day that you find a platform which offers a faster turnaround (code reuse possible) and helps you achieve high scalability. Node.js does take you by surprise, no doubt, more so because it changes your perception of JavaScript for good. That being said, you can only benefit from whatever this platform has to offer, if you are able to find a professional (or maybe

Lesser-Known Things about E-commerce Website Development

It is the decade of the Internet, no doubt. Everything, from shopping to education, and business to skill acquisition, is done online. E-commerce development in India has emerged as a rising sector, especially for businesses. E-commerce or eCommerce involves buying and selling of products and services on the internet. It provides a platform for the traders to market and sell their products to the customers online. Over the past few years, many notable e-commerce companies have come into existence, and they have managed to make huge profits. That being said,

Here’s Why an Offshore SEO Team Is As Good As an In-house One (Or Even Better!)

If you think it’s not a good idea to hire an offshore SEO team, think again! The thing is, while hiring SEO experts for your company, this is what you usually look for:

  • Knowledge
    • They should not only be well-versed in search engine optimization but must also know how to implement the modern SEO techniques.
  • Communication
    • It is important for them to be able to communicate to you and to your clients.
  • Language
    • They must be proficient in the language used by your clients.
Interestingly, experts sitting thousands of miles away from you can very well meet

Google Places Optimization – A Local SEO-Based Service for Reaching Out To a Wider Audience

If someone told you that almost 20% of Google searches are for local information, what would you do? Wouldn’t you make an attempt to feature in those search results? You would, right? Guess what – that’s exactly what a Google Places listing enables you to do. Even if you are yet to invest in a website, a listing ensures that you have an online presence. But then, like any other tool, this one too has its share of prerequisites. For instance, your listing should include as much information (including photos)

Are You Credible Enough? The Answer Lies In the Website Design & Development Process Itself

There are two kinds of businesses. The first ones know that it is their website design that decides whether or not they come across as credible, given the fact that design is the criterion of choice for as many as 48% of the users. The second ones, however, have this information, but do nothing about it and choose to look the other way. Which one of these are you? Well, it’s anybody’s guess. That being said, your credibility depends on the design as a whole, but the various aspects of it, no